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How Cryptocurrencies work

How Cryptocurrencies work Have you heard about cryptocurrencies and wondered what they are and how they work? Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies stored and exchanged online

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Understanding NFTs

Understanding NFTs Have you ever had any sort of interaction with NFTs? Are you reading this for fun or are you considering the possibility of

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Market Update

Market Update October was always supposed to be a bullish month after a dreadful September. At the beginning of the month, we have seen a

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Supply and Demand

What does the Bitcoin price have to do with Yantum? We all know that there are 21m Bitcoins right? Well, just in case you didn’t,

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Don’t Panic!

Yesterday’s Bitcoing flash crash took the entire market with it once again. This seems to be a weekly occurrence nowadays, but industry leaders are not

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Market Watch

Building Your Gateway to Everything Certurium The Certurium web site is growing week by week, new content, new features, user feedback – so please just

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