TIBRA Airdrop for Yantum Holders

A group of independent developers has created a project inviting users of various coins which have performed well during the latest market downturn to participate in entering a draw to receive TIBRA tokens. To start with, the team has launched a campaign on the CryptoClaims app where Yantum holders can enroll for our upcoming TIBRA Airdrop for Yantum holders.

To participate, you will need to confirm your address in your current coin by sending us a very small (less that 0.01 USD) randomly generated amount. The Cryptoclaims team will verify the on-chain transactions, and we will send some TIBRA to participants in batches (the value of tokens is guaranteed to be greater than the amount you send).

To participate please visit https://cryptoclaims.app/

Welcome to CryptoClaims

From the front page you will need to select a campaign, you can find the “Tibra Airdrop for Yantum Holders” in the drop-down menu. The team encourages you to enter an email address so that once your airdrop is confirmed, you will receive an email notification.


Crypto Claims

Once you submit your claim request, you will see a confirmation screen. You can download the Receipt or take a screenshot for future reference. Next, go ahead and send the small amount of YAN indicated to the address specified in the receipt.

Next Action

At any time you may visit the site and click on “check claim status” and by entering your Claim ID, you can see the status of your claim. So please remember to note down your Claim ID.

Crypto Claims

Claim Detail

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